CDF Support


The Creative Decisions Foundation (CDF) (, established by Thomas L. Saaty and Rozann W. Saaty in 1996, is a non-profit research organization that aims to spread awareness of The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the Analytic Network Process (ANP) by sponsoring education, research,and software development in advanced methods of decision making.

CDF has offered to support a limited number of grants for students, Ph. D. candidates, post-docs, or young researchers who have worked in AHP/ANP to help them attend the MCDM 2019 conference by awarding a grant that will cover their conference fee.

To apply for a grant,

  • First, the applicant should submit her/his abstract complying with the conference rules before the submission deadline of January 31, 2019, through the conference website submissions page ( The abstract should be related to AHP/ANP.
  • Second, the applicant should prepare and submit a manuscript of 6-10 pages extended from that abstract to the Creative Decisions Foundation by emailing it to Rozann Saaty (email: by April 20, 2019, along with a brief vita detailing their education, professional accomplishments, and level of familiarity with AHP, ANP.
  • Final step, the Board of CDF in collaboration with senior representatives from the MCDM organization will review the submissions and by April 22, 2019, notify the applicants if they received a grant. Grantees will be required to affirm by email to the CDF contact and the MCDM contact before April 25 that they will be able to attend the conference. After they confirm they may then register for the conference using the CDF Support link on the registration page. Their conference fee will then be forwarded to MCDM from Creative Decisions Foundation.

Grant recipients will have the opportunity to submit their manuscripts for publication in the International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchical Process ( accompanied by a special recognition message from the Board of CDF. The IJAHP journal is indexed in Scopus, so it is helpful to a young researcher’s future to be published here. The user guide about formatting manuscripts for publication in IJAHP can be downloaded at Of course, all manuscripts will still have to go through the usual two blind reviews process of the journal to be accepted for publication.

Good luck!